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The Way Out Of Crisis

On appearance of a strategic investor in the person of Platina Holding CB each of Moscow Region farms comprising Rodnoye Pole Agricultural Holding was in serious crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thorough examination of the situation in agricultural complex of Moscow Region by specialists form the Holding gave opportunity to work out the set of effective actions aimed at achievement of regular cost-effective performance of the farms. The complex of antirecessionary actions includes:

  • Repayment of wage arrearages
  • Repayment of liabilities to power suppliers and other providers
  • Repayment of liabilities to budgets of different levels and off-budget funds
  • Labour and production discipline improvement

Milk production and
package line at the dairy
in the settlement of Fedukovo
  • Implementation of the maintenance programs for the machinery, equipment and industrial premises
  • Investments by purchase of the modern and effective manufacturing equipment and, in particular, for produce processing of agricultural farms
  • Creation of the effective and scalable sales structure for finished goods
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